About us

This website is currently a personal one & not a business, the information below relates to my own professional experience. 

The purpose of this website is to show some example of analytics / tools I have developed / worked with through my professional experience, not to propose any of these tools as products to sell

If you have any question on any of these tools / analytics, please use the contact form and I will endeavor to reply as soon as possible. Bear in mind I do have a full time job (and a full family life) so replies might not be immediate.

I am an experienced portfolio construction and risk management professional with more than 10 years experience on the buy side in London, covering all asset classes (with a bias toward equities / multi-asset investing) and managing market risk / quantitative analyst teams for large independent asset managers

You can find more information on my linked in profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/jcuisinier/

The section “Tools” will at some stage contains products / tools to be used as show cases / examples of what I have been involved in my professional career

My focus is on portfolio construction & risk management, especially around factors investing &/or identification of unintended factors exposures in portfolio by fundamental driven portfolio managers. Any common theme in a portfolio across various instruments / exposures which may lead to concurrent return stream is considered a “factor”.

Another focus in the last few years has been around portfolio implementation from a fund manager perspective (i.e. not at dealing desk level even though I have been involved there as well): Identification & support around timing & sizing of trade ideas which can be communicated through behavioural finance concept (e.g. cutting looses too late a.k.a. loss aversion, etc)